Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Journal: 2022 Inktober In December


Inktober 21, Bad Dog

End year approaching!!!

Aside from my Inktober, I also need to finish my late and vacant (?!) month when I didn't post... I WILL post those "payback" post!

But for now, Inktober in December 😆

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21, Bad Dog ... I'm not a Dog person but I like them to ... it's just... their energy too much for me to handle . Bad Dog ... let make it in to Badass Dog, because animal are cool in their own way.

Heist .. my mind goes to Robin Hood, the first theft that I know LOL

Inktober 22, Heist

Next one is Booger... these type of booger was introduce to me by my friend and it stay with me until now 😌

Inktober 23, Booger

Fairy ... Tinkerbell ... but I'm actually not a fan (I'm more of Peter Pan fans) so I was looking for reference , I had Cicely Mary Barker Fairies postcard but ...I'm still looking ... and stumble upon images about Asian clothes (?!) and then somehow I made this LOL ... I'm actually confuse when I did this... but anything with wings will do for now.

Inktober 24, Fairy

Tempting... Donuts always be my weakness.

Inktober 25, Tempting

That's for today post, I'm in hurry ...wish me luck and have a great day ^^.

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