Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Journal: 2022 Inktober

I join in this year.

1st Inktober, Gargoyle

I always missed this kind of challenge, but fortunately this year I saw the notice before it start.

My understanding is ... Inktober is a manual drawing using a pen or ink ... but, I am ran out of pen/ink pen/marker ink pen or I it dried out 😅, so I made these on my PC/Adobe, I hope it's okay. 

I did plan on buy pen/brush pen but I currently limit myself to buy art supplies (and anything in general) and working on finishing up what I already had , not to mention I want to utilize my pen tablet and record the drawing process.

Anyway ... today is the fifth day, so far so good. I still struggle to draw from memory, so all of these drawing were draw using a reference, except the FLAME (5th day of Inktober). 

Initially I would love to develop it more so it's not like I only mirroring the reference , but it stressed me out to think that I need to create something new out of what I saw on the spot or ASAP (I need time 😆) the same time I want to challenge my brain a bit. In the end I just do it LOL, let it be... if I got something while sketching it it's good... if not, it's okay. 

Inktober 2022

Challenge like this would be beneficial for me ,imo.

I'm not good at deciding what to draw, with this kind of prompt , next thing to take care is drawing. But ... most of the thing that list on prompt like this (Inktober or not) most of the time make me  ... blank, I understand how to draw object but verb ... it makes my brain glitch 😂. But I'm aware I need to working on it, let see how far my reference n my imagination can take me.

I'm using a ink pen type of brush and a watercolor brush.

2nd Inktober, Scurry


For SCURRY ... I google for what its mean... and thankful for that because I actually thought it was Scullery 😂. I then look for Squirrel reference , but then I remember Petter Rabbit and broom ... viola!

3th Inktober, Bat

For Bat ... I really had a difficult time looking for reference that my brain can process. On the journey looking for it, I notice there are various of Bat types. Of course I'm aware like other species on animal kingdom got their sub variety... what I mean with Bat, I always thought they all look the same only vary in size, but turn out that not the case. Lesson learn.

4th Inktober, Scallop


Scallop ... immediately reminds me of my Japanese friend ( she cook Scallop for me ^^)

5th Inktober, Flame

This one , Calcifer (Howl Moving Castle) the only flame I think about 😁.

I share all of this Inktober challenge on my Instagram , (kindly check it out ^^ @barelydevi

That's for today post, have a great time see you next post.

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